Zodiac bodysuits (stylish star-signs)



I was clicking my mouse harder & harder, as my anger grew.

I have high standards. And every single zodiac shirt online I came across... was bad.

Oh look, here's a horoscope shirt, let me click the thumbnail, maybe it'll be good.

Nope. There's too much text on this one, it's messy and crowded.

Ok, fine, I'll try another search term.

I google "zodiac shirts sale", maybe someone is aggressively pushing or discounting a sweet tee, right?

I click the first thumb that catches my eye. This one's simpler, but it's almost too simple. I can tell they put no effort into this one. It's the same generic t-shirt font I see everywhere, and it just says 'gemini.'

Like, that's it. They slapped a generic word in a generic font on a generic tee. 

'WTF people', I thought. There's so many t-shirt shops out there, someone, somewhere must have made a shirt that speaks to my personal horoscope and does it with style.


I needed relief. My shoulders were scrunched up to my jawline. I just want a trendy, slick, cool scorpio design for my friend's friend Cassidy, is that so much to ask?

In fact, I'd like something that really flatters her figure, too. Something that does it better than a t-shirt does.


You know how many turned up?

Zero. Literally not a single astrological-sign bodysuit on Google in 2019.


I breathed a deep sigh and relaxed my shoulders.

Yes, I couldn't find anything that fit my vision, but rather than complain, I prefer to take positive action.

So I made my own.

Welcome to Ryze Gear's Zodiac Bodysuit Collection.

Each piece has been designed with a ton of love. Every font's chosen to match the personality of each star sign.

Every icon's meant to be a slick, modern visual of the astrological constellation that represents you.

Every glyph is injected with unique personality, bold for taurus, flowing for pisces.

They're pieces that hug and flatter your shape. They proclaim your identity and increase your influence.

They're almost zodiac party wear.

You deserve to hold your head high and be complimented on your style as you rep your sign with pride.

I hope this collection helps you do just that.

Much love,

Get your sexy af zodiac

bodysuit today!


Zodiac Bodysuit Testimonial

I love the way the bodysuit fits. And there’s no snap crotch (I personally hate the snaps, so this is so nice.) It’s stretchy and slightly thicker than I expected.

— Cynthia Moreno


Each bodysuit uses a unique font, glyph, and icon designed to express your personality.

If you're a Taurus, the design is steadfast and bold. If you're a Scorpio, the design hints at taboos and a little bit of bite.

Zodiac Bodysuits With Personality And Class

I don't know how long these will be available.

This whole collection started as an experiment for a friend. It's print-on-demand, and relies upon our fulfillment company to deliver orders, and they discontinue stock all the time.

I honestly can't guarantee how long these bodysuits will be available. You deserve to have one, so grab yours now.


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