Why, And How, To Wear A Bodysuit

You may have noticed that bodysuits are getting popular lately. And why not?

Bodysuits are beautiful, versatile, and worth adding to any wardrobe. They offer lightweight support, flatter a multitude of body types, and can be worn year round. They layer well in the autumn and winter seasons and work as outerwear in the spring and summer seasons. Just like bralettes, we believe bodysuits are here to stay.

Why To Wear Bodysuits

The first bodysuit was worn by Bettie Page, followed by Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman), and was a trademark attire of 1960s Playboy Bunnies. Then it kind of went on a fashion hiatus (except for Donna Karan).

Lately though, in the 2010s, it's making a comeback, being seen on plenty of fashionable people, from Kim Kardashian to Candice Swanepoel and more.

So... Why Wear A Bodysuit?

I say the simple reason for that is 'cause bodysuits are awesome.

But there's more to it. They let you sport a figure-flattering, 'tucked in' look. They remove any worry of becoming 'untucked' or the material scrunching up or shifting.

Bodysuits offer a seamless look that presents your gorgeous lines.

Let's go beyond looks though, let's talk feelings.

Bodysuits make people feel sexy.

They make you feel confident. Attractive. Captivating. They're eye-catching and seductive, and can be dressed-down for casual days or dressed-up for a night out... or in.

  • Bodysuits are flattering. There’s no need for constant adjusting and tucking with a body-hugging bodysuit.
  • Bodysuit fabrics are super soft and comfy. Perfect for lounging around in the heat of summer, or layering in cooler weather.
  • Bodysuits just so sexy. Slip on a V-neck bodysuit with short shorts and strappy heels. Boom. Work it, Queen.

Like, let's not under-state how flattering bodysuits are. Them staying snug and skimming your curves means you look more polished and way less frumpy. Bodys are extremely flattering, and many people don't realize how much it helps not to have extra fabric and bunch-iness.

All these reasons and more are why I designed Ryze Gear's Zodiac Bodysuits Collection (you may see me showing off photos of these here and there :P)

Why To Wear Bodysuits Instagram Image | Ryze Gear
Anyway, bodysuits aren't for everyone, but they bring a lot to the table, and they're worth exploring.

Now let's talk about...

What, exactly, a bodysuit is.

The short answer? They're basically swimsuits, lol.

Okay they're not. They're not really built for the water. But they are very similar to one-piece swimsuits. But they can have sleeves, have minimal padding, and are suitable for daily wear. Sometimes they'll be leg-less & arm-less like a swimsuit, other times they'll truly be 'full body', more like a leotard. Regardless, they generally cover at least the torso and crotch with skin-tight, form-fitting material. They often have snaps or velcro, but can also be entirely seamless slip-ons.

They're also similar to leotards. The lines can get blurry, but hopefully you'll know one when you see one :)

Bodysuits can be made of almost any material. Sheer, opaque, cotton, lace, whatever. They can have a variety of cuts from thong to (rarely) boyshort cut. They can have a variety of necklines, plunging ones or high-necks, open back or lace up.

Ok, so... how to wear a bodysuit?

Well, you can be creative, bodysuits are very flexible wardrobe pieces.

But to get started, a bodysuit is usually worn with pants or a skirt. The torso-part of it acts as a normal top or shirt, but giving an extra smooth line.

How To Wear Bodysuits | Ryze Gear

They may also be worn as underwear, activewear, or base layers. Bodysuits can occasionally be a form of athletic wear as well, but you're probably better off with a leotard in that case.

Should I wear underwear with a bodysuit?

The truth is, a lot of cute bodysuits have high cuts that would be ruined if you wore something underneath, and common practice is not to wear underwear with them.

There's a some slight debate as to whether bodysuits are better with fasteners on the crotch, or completely seamless.

Bodysuits with snaps are easier for using the bathroom, but most feel it's not a big deal if snaps aren't present. It's basically the same thing as wearing bathing suit bottoms. 

Should I wear a bra with a bodysuit?

Wearing a bra or not is entirely up to you. If you’re happy without one, there’s no need to wear a bra with your bodysuit. In fact, the taut, snug, figure-hugging material often provides a feeling of support by itself, and it can feel very freeing not to wear a bra with your bodysuit. Many feel a bodysuit can hold the girls up enough on it's own.

If you're very small-busted, they may end up 'flattening' you more than you prefer, so that's something to consider. Also, if you're not part of the #FreeTheNipple movement, or at least proud of your nipples, it may be a concern. In those cases, or if you just like push-ups or your cup-size has you uncomfortable going without one, you can certainly try wearing a bra with your bodysuit, but it may take some creativity.

What are ways to style my bodysuit?

Pair a bodysuit with destroyed denim or some camo cargos. Or is anything better than a black bodysuit under black high-rise jeans? Let's look at some of the wide variety of ways you can rock a bodysuit:

  • Tucked -- No worries about your blouse popping out, and awkwardly thrusting your hand down your skirt to keep it in place.
  • Glam -- A bodysuit can easily up an outfit or glam up your bedroom. Accessorize it with sassy silver, glittery gold, or sparkly gems and you're off to the races.
  • "Throw On" -- A bodsuit can be worn as a blouse + underwear in one, making it easy for you to “throw on” something over it – a skirt, jeans, or whatever suits you
  • Coverage -- Bodysuits are great for wearing underneath any sheer pieces you own. A sheer top, dress, or gown goes great with bodys. They let the sheer layer on top really shine without 'over-showing' wardrobe malfunctions.
  • Layering -- Bodysuits are great for layering under plunging necklines, low cut armholes.

 but really, we encourage you to experiment! Bodysuits practically guarantee things stay streamline.  So explore different ways of using your newfound sexier silhouette.

Cowgirl Bodysuit - Pair your body with suede boots, a denim skirt, and maybe even a bandanna.

The Black Widow - Picture skin-tight black leather pants with your bodysuit on top. Add your choice of footwear.

Jeans-And-Tee - One of the most common looks is to wear a simple black bodysuit with jeans. Casual yet stunning.

Hippie-Chic - Wear a bodysuit with some billowing flare pants, kimonos, or bell-bottoms.

Scandalous Summer - Short-shorts, a short-sleeved bodysuit, sunglasses, and a hat. Unf.

Elegantly Waisted - A sheer or lace bodysuit, paired with an abbreviated 'Mad Men' style pencil-skirt.

And it goes on and on. Add some texture with velvet or sequins. Team a cute floral bodysuit with a pair of high waisted pants. Even try a bodysuit with pajama-pants or over-alls.

Bodysuit Outfits Style Hero | Ryze Gear

There's no rules in fashion and bodysuits are so flattering, who knows what they'll work with! And hey, if you're looking for inspo for bodysuit outfits, Instagram offers endless ideas under the #bodysuit hashtag.

What are common bodysuit problems?

Some argue it's annoying to go to the bathroom in a bodysuit.

If your bodysuit has no clasps or snaps, you either have to almost fully remove it to use the toilet, or simply tug it to the side. But really, gymnasts, dancers, and swimmers have dealt with this for years in their leotards and no one seems to find it to be a big issue.

For Ryze Gear's Zodiac bodysuits for example, we currently go snap-less, kind of like a leotard. To be honest, the main reason is that we use American Apparel's blank bodys to print on, and that's how they're designed. Still, to me bodysuits are meant to have the clean, seamless lines similar to a swimsuit, and hopefully just tugging them to the side feels 'worth it', but who knows, perhaps we'll include clasps in the future.

If you have an extra-short or extra-long torso, bodysuits you buy may not fit properly.

This is true. Like most areas of fashion, if you have a particularly unique build and body-shape, 'mass market' bodysuits likely won't fit you without tailoring.

An incorrect fit can leave you with some bagginess in the crotch/waist or awkward stretching, strangling your butt-cheeks. If it has clasps, it may be unable to close.

These issues are usually solvable as well. Bodysuits often have spandex or elastane and are quite stretchy, most people can find one that fits them, even if they have to size up or size down.

Our bodysuits for example, are 93% cotton, 7% spandex, which is a decent amount of stretch. Plus we include length and width measurements on our sizing charts, so knowing your measurements can help a lot here.

Sweat can sometimes show through easily.

Sweat is an almost universal human problem that applies to many different fashions, and isn't specific to bodysuits. That said, if your bodysuit is extra sheer and you sweat profusely, it may be a consideration.

Bodysuit Problems Hero | Ryze Gear

Who wears bodysuits?

Bodysuits unlike leotards, aren't just for yogis, ballerinas, gymnasts, and the like.

They're worn by many models and celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Ashley Graham, and Lily Aldridge can all be seen rocking bodysuits.

And of course, there's the iconic Ivy Park bodysuit care-of Beyonce.

But it's not just celebs, Fashion Nova and Pretty Little Thing sell huge volumes of bodysuits to women everywhere. People are wearing bodysuits to go shopping, run errands or go grab a bite to eat. It gives freedom of leg movement and emphasizes slim midsections. Bodysuits are both functional on the street, in the gym, or in the bedroom.

And you know who else would look great wearing bodysuits?


Get in on the bodysuit trend and feel good.

Hopefully you're realizing that bodysuits are essential staples and if you haven't tried them, you should. And if you have tried them, it's time to take bodysuit collection to the next level.

How? With talented artists adding graphic design. Most bodysuits don't have great prints or graphic designs on them.

Zodiac Bodysuit Collection By Ryze Gear

But why not? Women are wearing bodysuits as tucked-in t-shirts by and large, so why are there so few graphic designs on them? Tees with sweet-ass prints rock. Same goes for bodysuits.

And bodysuits are meant to emphasize your beauty, amp up your vibe, and sexify your expression. They should have designs on them that align with that.

Which is why I made these zodiac bodysuits that rep your star sign with style.

I'd love for you to walk into a room, confidently sporting one. If that appeals to you, feel free to check them out.