The Monica Podetti Collection

Let's talk about love.

Why love, you ask? What does love have to do with clothes?


Especially kids clothes.

When we clothe our kids, we do it out of love. We care about them. We invest in them. We want them to look and feel good. We help them explore and express themselves through fashion.

These are loving intentions.

We could just phone it in. We could make them wear the same thing forever. We could send them to Walmart.

"They're just going to outgrow these clothes fast, so why bother, right?"


Because we want to teach them abundance. We want to teach them that they can glow inside AND out. We want to teach them to experiment, play, and refine their own style.

Some people think clothes are just clothes, but you know better. You know they're symbols of love.

And the shirts offered here in the Monica Podetti Collection are the combined love of Monica's mom Linh, Ryze Gear, and Monica herself.

They aren't just threads of fabric, they're threads that knit families together, they're threads that bring joy.

And you and yours can benefit from them too.

Get yours now.

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